ana calder

visual artist, mother and travel junky

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My work is expressive and perhaps even romantic, taking inspiration related to Magic Realism.

My stories carry magical moments in real worlds of hidden mysteries from the 'I know' and a starting point of the 'I don't know'-


I treasure that there's no right or wrong in art, it gives me the freedom to approach my canvas in an open minded way for playing with acrylics to next match a finishing touch with other diverse media.


I'm lucky to be shaped by different cultures: born and raised in Costa Rica and my current home is Sweden; also lived in Tallinn and New Orleans as well as prime blessed with 15 years in the rainforest.


In 2017, I honored the Award of Excellency granted by Galleria De Marchi in Bologna, Italy and I'm Nominee of Palm Art Award 2019 in Quedlinburg, Germany.

My production is found in private collections in USA, Costa Rica, Continental Europe and all of Scandinavia.

...and my kick is that moment when your eyes rest in my artwork and we share the feelings it evokes in you.

 in action

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selected works

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@ACCV 2019
@ACCV 2019

© ACCV 2019