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Visual artist.  Proud mother.  Travel junkie

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Why Is Nudity So Important In My Art?

Because nudity expresses human energy and life, mundane yet controversial, simultaneously natural and unnatural.

My artwork is expressive and perhaps even romantic, stories told by nude females in a whirlwind destined to challenge Adam who was told to feel free to eat from any tree in the Garden of Eden. 


The intention of my females is to transition from a flat image into a deep eruption of color merged in compositions swinging between active and resting forms. The anatomical study is part of the research of my work much inspired by Magic Realism in connection to magical moments in real worlds upon hidden mysteries of the ‘I know’, and moments of new understanding in the ‘I don't know’.

I use earthy and atmospheric tones, often in translucent, ethereal layers, incorporating organic shapes, blends, and texture within my work. Delicate line drawings of bodies and animals are integrated within expansive fields of splashed, dripped, and brushed paint


My creative process evolves in 3 phases and it may sound simple or mechanic but each phase has its' different focus and energy. The phases aren't moved by a time frame and each one exists aloof of that moment passing into the next one.

The Beginning unveils the road to freedom ,  is the phase with a creative and open-minded approach working mix-media predominantly with acrylic paint and layers of paint, paper, crayons on a medium-large-scale canvas.

The Exploring phase perpetuates a feeling of faith that the image brings the gazer into a meaningful experience whether it be emotional, intellectual, physical, or even a mystical grasp.

The Completion phase allows me serenity to fall in love with the avatar sat in motion.

Ana plays with grafitti colors

My work sparks from the lived experience of the different cultures that have shaped me, including 15 years of my adult life spent in the rainforest jungle of Costa Rica, I spent time in Tallinn and studied university in New Orleans and then crowned a very long period in Sweden. I moved on to Florida and to now soon my last home back to Costa Rica.


In 2017, I was granted the Award of Excellence by Trevisan International Art in Bologna, Italy, also honoured with the Certificate of Excellence given by Palm Art Award in Quedlinburg, Germany in 2017 and 2019. My paintings are held within private collections in the USA, Costa Rica, Continental Europe, and Scandinavia. Recent exhibitions have taken place in Helsingborg, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Florence..


...and I get a kick of that moment where I inspired the viewer and we experience a playful feeling of shared understanding.


 in action

-keep creating like no one's watching 

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*Camino a Santiago* /private collection in Laröd, Sweden.

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*Camino a Santiago* /private collection in Laröd, Sweden.

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Santa Ana, Costa Rica

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