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Selected Work    

Private collection Scheidegger in Nuglar, Switzerland. Acrylic / mixed media on canvas

"Queen of Diamonds "   "Queen of Clubs"    "Queen of Hearts"    "Queen of Spades"

Ana Calder's beautiful pokemon butterfly series of paintings in mixed media.

"Pink Pokemon"    "Pilgrim Pokemon"    "Monarch Pokemon"    "Morpho Pokemon"

Ana Calders playful horse painting called "Kärlekslek" in private collection Lundström in Malmö, Sweden.

"Kärlekslek" and drawings during process 1, 2, 3.

Ana Calders sensual series of acrylic/mixed media on canvas.

"Mrs. Black"    "Mr. Green"    "Miss Bipolar"    "Mr. Lust"

Ana Calders abstract miniatures series of 4 paintings